Present Tenses : Past Tenses: The Present Simple Girl ( use, form & exercises) The Past Simple Boy (use, form & exercises) The Present Continuous Guy (use ...

English Verb Tenses Form and Use . Present Simple Tense . I live in Málaga. I go to the beach on Saturdays. I don't drink coffee. Do you like English?

El Genitivo Sajón se utiliza cuando una persona tiene o posee algo. La estructura se basa en poner la persona en primer lugar seguida de un apostrofe y ...

A nice way of learning English is by reading classic fairy tales. The structure of a fairy tale is well-defined: a beginning, a body and an end.

Here you will find song lyrics you can use in your ESL classroom to help students learn English. Aid student listening comprehension and make lessons ...

03.11.2009 · Have a look at this sites: www.aulafacil.com www.curso-ingles.com you can continue with the exercises taken from: www.learn-english-online.org ...

British & American English: Irregular Verbs Tenses in English – Future or Present Continuous? Speaking English – Going to the dentist English ...

In our Grammar videos section you can watch Gran helping Kitty to understand how to use English grammar. When you have watched the videos you can download ...

Please note some interesting facts Present Perfect The Present Perfect can be used 1. to refer to something that will happen at some time in the future.

Do you prefer British or American accents? How do you pronounce words like ‘vitamin’ and ‘water’? Join Sophia and Natasha to learn about some of ...

To write your for and against essay you need to know how to use some connectors connectors 1. for and against essay

Learn English through Story: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (Pre-intermediate Level)

En los siguientes enlaces, los alumnos practicarán las diferentes partes del examen Preliminary English Test (B1): Reading (lectura), Writing (escritura ...

I leave you here the presentations we saw yesterday in class: the one about the grammar in unit 1 and the one about the structure of an article.

Welcome to this blog, Here you have the possibility to practice and improve English in context. You'll find interesting posts, links, exercises, games ...

Activity taken from: Natural Science 5. Primary Education. Richmond - Santillana (2015)

As I told you today in class, here you are a list of examples of conversation questions to prepare for the oral exam.

Discover the animal kingdom in English and learn to describe everything from small insects to large creatures such as lions and whales!

Some linking words normally form a link between clauses WITHIN a sentence. It is bad style to start a sentence with these words:

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