TestAmerica offers an electronic version of its standard chain of custody forms to expedite the field sampling process and ensure proper documentation of ...

FedEx Electronic Chain of Custody Reporting . A technology solution providing in-depth tracking status reporting, designed for the shipment of controlled ...

Some providers maintain an electronic chain-of-custody link between all electronic data and its original physical media throughout the production process.

The use of Electronic Chain of Custody Forms (eCCF) reduces the number of errors, legibility issues, and eliminates need to inventory paper testing forms.

Automate the drug screening process with the Electronic Chain of Custody. Fewer errors, more accurate results, and less waiting time. Contact us TODAY!

Electronic chain of custody forms modernize CCFs by moving them onto computers. eCCFs can be used for drug test ordering and specimen collection processing.

LSPECS (Laboratory Sample Planning Electronic COC and Signoff) is web-based, robust, updatable software that allows program managers to design, delegate ...

FormFox is the premier online collection site management system for drug and alcohol testing, and point of care / instant tests.

eCCF through Quest Diagnostics impacts every step in ... Federal drug testing programs. eCCF is also referred to as electronic Chain of Custody or ...

Improving Chain of Custody in Forensic Investigation of ... forensic tolls, to increase the quality of electronic chain of custody. Key words:

Elevate the quality of your analytical submission with Maxxam’s new eCOC process! You can now send test submissions to Maxxam electronically, by ...

Methods and systems are provided for maintaining a chain of custody record for the handling of an item transferred among a plurality of custodians. A ...

How to Keep a Digital Chain of Custody A chain of custody process for tracking data and equipment will help evidence stand up in court

The chain of custody must account for the seizure, storage, transfer and condition of the evidence. It is absolutely necessary for admissible evidence in ...

The alcohol and drug testing industry is in the process of moving ahead with changes that will produce a faster turnaround for test results. After being ...

08.03.2017 · Elevate the quality of your analytical submission with Maxxam’s new eCOC process. In this video, we'll show you how easy it is to send job ...

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An Electronic Chain of Custody (ECCF) allows for paperless documentation of the drug testing & results process. Learn the benefits of ECCFs.

Chain of custody (CoC), in legal contexts, refers to the chronological documentation or paper trail that records the sequence of custody, control, transfer ...

Our web-based solutions provide access to ... LabCorp Web COC electronic chain of custody for federally regulated and non-regulated drug screen ...